Various Artists "Cuban Remix Project" In the mid to late 50's, Havana was THE ultimate tourist destination - the music in the nightclubs was hotter than anywhere else in the world, featuring the most colorful dancers and a tropi ... [Read More] Released: 08/19/08

Lightnin' Hopkins "Country Blues" The great Lightnin’ Hopkins was not only the embodiment of a fundamental American tradition, but a creator who remade the idiom of country blues in his own image. A master guitarist, vocal ... [Read More] Released: 07/22/08

Manteca "Ritmo y Sabor - Rare Afro Cuban Sessions" Lazaro Pla, known as Manteca, was a master “bongonsero” who first rose to fame in 1940’s Cuba when he was a featured attraction with the great pianist and composer Ernesto Lecouna and ... [Read More] Released: 07/22/08

Various Artists "Eclectico Suenos" One of the most varied and eclectic selections of dreamy soundscapes and laid-back beats ever assembled, this unique compilation features productions from some of the most adventurous and cu ... [Read More] Released: 07/22/08

Chico O'Farrill "Super Chops - Featuring the Big Band of Chico O’Farrill" Chico O'Farrill, born n Havana, Cuba, was one of the principle forces in the emergence of Afro-Cuban Jazz in the late 1940's and early 1950's. He studied composition with the great Cuban com ... [Read More] Released: 06/17/08

Bebo Valdes "Mucho Sabor - Con Su Orquesta Sabor de Cuba (With vocalists Pio Leyva, Ada Rex, Reynaldo Enriquez and Cascarita)" As principal pianist and arranger for the famed Tropicana nightclub house-band of 1950’s Havana, Bebo Valdés developed a reputation as a master arranger. Often referred to as the “Cuban ... [Read More] Released: 06/03/08

Various Artists "Versatile Jazz" Versatile Records, operating out of New York City in 1977-78, was an ambitious little label modeled after Creed Taylor’s highly successful CTI label that revolutionized the Jazz industry b ... [Read More] Released: 05/08/08

Various Artists "Blues From The Big House - Southern Prison Songs (The Alan Lomax and Harry Oster Recordings)" These songs are as American as the Mississippi River. They were born out of the very rock and earth of this country, as black hands broke the soil, moved it, reformed it, and rivers of sting ... [Read More] Released: 08/21/07

Grant Green "Easy" No guitarist has ever handled standards and ballads with the brilliance of Grant Green. His association with the Blue Note label from 1961 to 1965 produced some of the finest guitar jazz eve ... [Read More] Released: 08/07/07

Various Artists "Celtic Women of Song" The classic tunes presented in this collection were performed by some of the most influential women in the history of Celtic song, recorded in the mid 1950's to the early 1960's when the rev ... [Read More] Released: 01/05/07

John Jacob Niles "The Ballads of John Jacob Niles" As featured in the recent Martin Scorcese directed Bob Dylan documentary - No Direction Home, John Jacob Niles was a major influence and key progenitor of the 1950's folk resurgence in Ameri ... [Read More] Released: 01/01/07

King Curtis "Azure" It's very unlikely that another saxophonist existed in the entirety of New York City that was as busy in the recording studio as King Curtis was in 1960 - and for that matter, during the yea ... [Read More] Released: 01/01/07

Various Artists "Jazz Gold" This jam-packed 2CD set contains 30 of the most popular Jazz standards ever recorded, performed by some of the biggest classic stars in the history of Jazz. These are the innovators that set ... [Read More] Released: 01/01/07

Various Artists "Blues Gold" Some of the greatest Blues sides ever waxed are assembled on this incredible collection focusing on the true Blues greats. These are the men and women who established the blueprint for gener ... [Read More] Released: 01/01/07

Various Artists "Funk & Boogie - From The Great White North" The Holy Grail of the Boogie movement! Street Level Records unique sound was birthed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, mixed in New York and transplanted to Montreal, Canada. These tracks recor ... [Read More] Released: 01/01/07

Various Artists "Funk Revival - Sounds From The Subtropics" In the early 1970's, way down south, Cuban immigrants and their sons and daughters assimilated the sounds of American funk and soon arrived at their own version. This CD is the first of its ... [Read More] Released: 01/01/07

Ray Fernandez "Ray & His Court "Cookie Crumbs"" The late sixties and early seventies proved to be a fertile era for the Miami music scene. Those in the know, know that it was the heavy influx of Cuban musicians who had recently migrated t ... [Read More] Released: 01/01/07

Various Artists "Doo Wop Moments - The Ballads" Let us wander again through those unforgettable hours that these songs enlivened for you the first time around, capturing an American moment in time that can never be duplicated - the roots ... [Read More] Released: 11/30/-1

Various Artists "Freestyle Forever Live" Freestyle music has endured since it’s inception in the mid - eighties as one of the most viable forms of dance music and has proved that it’s themes of love and longing that captured th ... [Read More] Released: 11/30/-1